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TenCate получила контракт на бронирование автомобилей в США.

Американское отделение компании TenCate Advanced Armor USA (Ohio) подтвердила свои сильные позиции на рынке бронирования военных машин в США, подписав комнтракт на 18,5 млн долларов США для поставки брони в 2010 году для двух крупнейших компаний - бронировщиков автомобилей - об этом было заявлено 9 сентября.

Комплекты для бронирования, поставляемые TenCate Advanced Armor для нужд армии США, иллюстрируют концепцию компании по технологии композитной брони, совмещающей лекгие, наиболее эффективные решения для конкретных задач. По словам Скотта Унгера (Scott Unger), президетна Отдела ТКАА в США: "TenCate гордится тем, что была выбрана для поставки броневых решений для боевых подразделений американских военных, так как эти решения признаны лучшими и наиболее современными".

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TenCate receives vehicle armoring contracts in United States of America

TenCate Advanced Armor USA in Newark (Ohio, US) is continuing its strong presence in the USA military vehicle market as it has received additional vehicle armoring contracts valued at $ 18.5 million, that will be delivered to two major military vehicle producers and the United States Army during the balance of 2010 - as unveiled on the 9th of September.

The armoring kits for the United States Army utilize state of the art composite armor technology of TenCate to provide the lightest, most efficient armour possible for these demanding applications. According to Scott Unger, Group President at TenCate Advanced Armor USA: 'TenCate is proud to be chosen to provide these critical armor systems for the American troops in theatre, as these systems assure they have the best and most advanced armor protection for the job at hand'.

TenCate Advanced Armor USA is part of the global Aerospace and Armor group of TenCate, which also has operations in The Netherlands, France, Denmark, United Kingdom and India. Scott Unger adds: "TenCate is worldwide an armor technology leader that can support its customers on a global basis. TenCate specializes in the production of lightweight, highly protective composite and ceramic-composite armor systems for use in vehicle, aircraft, watercraft / ship and personal protection applications".

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About TenCate Advanced Armour
TenCate Advanced Armour is a worldwide leading supplier of a wide range of products for protection. TenCate Advanced Armour develops and produces a portfolio of composite and ceramic materials and designs armour solutions for the protection of police, army, air force, navy and civilian service personnel, vehicles and vessels. TenCate Advanced Armour has plants in Europe and North-America.

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Royal Ten Cate (TenCate) is a multinational company which combines textile technology with related chemical processes and material technology in the development and production of functional materials with distinctive characteristics. Products of TenCate are sold worldwide.

Systems and materials from TenCate come under four areas of application: safety & protection, space & aerospace, infrastructure & the environment, and sport & recreation. TenCate occupies leading positions in protective fabrics, composites for space and aerospace, antiballistics, geosynthetics and synthetic turf.

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